Article: Bill To Allow Refinancing Of Student Loans Dies In Senate

Bill To Allow Refinancing Of Student Loans Dies In Senate

If I’ve learned anything from family law, I’ve learned how to manipulate rage, even when warranted, into a constructive, logical use.  Education is an investment, an investment that business gleans growth and profit from in the longview.  How is it that those that support the Republican party, presumably big business, still cannot see the long term advantage to themselves in allowing the educated employees that business wants to restructure their debt, no different than a healthy leveraged company does.

A Little Direction After the (Right) Decision, Please

I personally agree with the legal analysis and ultimate decision.  The overturning of Wisconsin’s same sex marriage ban has frankly been due a long time.  What I disagree with is a decision that concludes without a clear directive to the clerks performing a ministerial duty.  It’s no wonder the everyday person gets frustrated by the judiciary.  Also, Van Hollen is just simply wrong in telling clerks that the ban remains in effect.  On that narrow point, Crabb was clear.